How To Seal Off Bathtub Overflow – 5 Easy Methods

Bathtub overflow is the channel of a bathtub to prevent the overwhelm of water while your bathtub is filling. Collecting excessive water for your faucet or bathtub is the main purpose of the overflow drain system.

Though an overflow drain cover is not needed at all, most of the bathtubs have this channel. If you think it is unnecessary for you, you can stop this drain. Now the question is How To Seal Off Bathtub Overflow?

Well, if you would like to seal it off, you can put a cover on your overflow. Or you can attach a plate to the overflow drain to stop it. All the five easy methods will guide you properly to seal off the bathtub overflow. Keep continuing, and it will take you to step by step. 

Why Do Bathtubs Have an Overflow Channel?

How To Seal Off Bathtub Overflow

Bathtubs have an overflow for some reason. Let’s see what they are:

  • First of all, raising the water level excessively high is not safe, more than the safety level, especially when kids are around.
  • Overflow is essential to prevent any leakage. For instance, if the drain gets jammed, the bathtub will overflow the water. It will run down the tub and drench the whole house when anyone is not at home.
  • You must prevent any leakage of a bathtub drain because a bathtub overflow gasket leaking through the ceiling of the floor beneath you will cause severe problems for others.
  • Lastly, the attachment of a bathtub never lets it become full of water.

How does a bathtub overflow plate work?

Overflow will help you to save on cleaning effort and save you from damage to your bathtub. It comes up short on the system of preventing water from flowing.

It frequently depletes water that arrives at its high level. It functions perfectly, when the lines are unclogged or if the water level stays underneath the edge of the bathtub. It keeps the water from sprinkling onto the floor.

How To Seal off Bathtub Overflow?

Easy Guideline For How To Seal Off Bathtub Overflow

Now you may ask why a bathtub overflow is so essential and why do people want to seal it?

Well, the reason has already been mentioned above. Sometimes you may prefer to prevent the soaking and want a high level of water inside.

You can take many actions as sealing a bathtub overflow has many methods. Each of them is pretty helpful. Let’s know a few of them that you can do yourself and don’t need to hire a plumber.

Method 1: Put an Overflow Cover above It

An overflow cover is a thing that has a net-like filter. And that connects to a pipe. You have to put a cover, and please ensure that it will block the water soaking and prevent drainage. 

The bathtub covers are usually made of metal. Many sizes are available, but a maximum of them are of the ideal size. These help you preserve the water inside a tub, and you can have both cold and hot water.

Once you are done with having a bath, you should remove the cover. Now you may need to know, how to remove the bath overflow cover?  It is very easy to cover it up and easy to remove. Just pull out the faceplate screw and it is done.

Method 2: Attach a Plate to the Drain

You can plan on getting something for a long time. That’s why you will need a plate and some screws to attach them. 

The plates are usually made of metal, especially chromium because they don’t oxidize. You will need a screwdriver to put and detach the screws.

Method 3: Apply a Plumbing Coating

A plumbing coat can assist you in some cases. Because it will create a layer above the faucet that will resist the water from going to the drain.

It prevents the water soaking process, which most tub overflow has for safety purposes.

Method 4: Use a Bathtub Overflow Stopper

It is the digital method to preserve water in a bathtub or jacuzzi for bathing. You can stop the water for as long as you want. 

On the other hand, when you want to let the water go, you shall turn it to flash the water away.

Method 5: Use a new gasket

If your previous gasket is not working, you can use bathtub overflow gasket replacement methods by removing the previous one. You should press inside the old one to remove it. Then take the new one and add some Vaseline to it.

Vaseline or any grease items can prevent leakage. You should put the thicker side of the gasket down when installing the new. Then press it properly by hand to install. As like as you remove the old gasket. Just cover it up. 

These methods are easy enough for you to apply. But make sure that these are good for you and they don’t force you to face any further problems.

How to Clean a Tub Overflow?

Tips on How to Clean a Tub Overflow

You don’t always need to block the way of water in your bathtub. Sometimes it can become dirty and risky. That’s why you should know how to clean the overflow drain in the bathtub. Let’s see how to do it:

Step 1: Make a Cleansing Mixture

You should know that mostly the overflow drain gets jammed or catches plaque. For this reason, you need to prepare a natural cleanser. 

You can mix vinegar or lemon water with baking soda to clean the drain filter. It will be more helpful if you know the accurate proportion for the mixture.

Step 2: Scrub the Drain Cover

Once you have prepared the mixture, you should separate the drain cover. 

However, you’re supposed to use the liquid and scrub the plate with something hard, like a brush.

Step 3: Rinse the Drain Cover

If you have scrubbed the drain cover with a brush and the cleanser, it is time to wash the thing. 

For washing all the dirt, you can use clean water and a cleanser. Then rinse it well with water, and dry it.

Step 4: Put it Back on the Drain Line

After you are done drying the drain cover, put it in the correct place. Please make sure that it has fallen and attached correctly with the faucet.

The procedure was pretty straightforward, but sometimes the blockage may come from the bathtub drain gasket. 

You can replace it if needed, and we have already mentioned how to replace a new gasket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Remove Bath Overflow Cover?

There are screws in the faceplate. If you pull your screws from the faceplate, they will easily pull out. You can remove the old faceplate, and add a new one. It is super easy to open it anytime.

2. Can You Plug an Overflow Drain?

Yes, you can plug or screw an overflow drain to make it more stable, permanent, and beautiful. But you have to ensure that it has sat on the drain well.

3. Why is my tub overflow leaking?

One of the causes of leaking water from your tub can be a loose connection. If your drain fitting connection is loose, you can face overflow leaking of your bathtub. Sometimes it may cause because the draining trap under your bathtub.

 4. When should I replace my bathtub overflow gasket?

When your old gasket is become dry or compressed and could not maintain sealing watertight. If your bathtub is full and you face a leaking problem, you should replace your overflow gasket

5. Do you need a bath overflow?

The answer is no. Actually, you do not need bathtub overflow at all. Overflow reduces your toilet floor to be wet.

Final Verdict

Knowing how to seal off bathtub overflow is necessary as an easy hack for yourself. You need not keep calling others for help all the time. 

You can buy fittings and some things for them in addition while preparing your apartment or shifting.

Anyway, it is okay if you have some ideas for yourself and they work quite well. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. Hope you enjoy it!

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