How To Protect Bathroom Vanity From Water Damage: Useful Tips

Bathroom vanities are the only thing that can completely transform your boring bathroom into a 5-star hotel-worthy washroom. So if you want to keep your bathroom all sparkly, you have to know how to protect bathroom vanity from water damage.

You can take many precautions if you want to protect the bathroom vanity from water damage. To keep your washroom vanity-free from any damage, you should know how to care for it. Cleaning your bathroom after you shower, using water-resistant paints, and checking for any leaks are some of the precautions you can take.

Water damage can bring down your newly polished bathroom vanity crumbling down. So, Keep on reading to know more about bathroom vanities and how you can protect them.

How To Protect Bathroom Vanity From Water Damage

Bathroom vanities are fragile things. And if you want to make them last for a long time, you have to take care of them and protect them from water damage. Keeping your bathroom vanities dry is very difficult because water is bound to get on them.

Here are some tips that you must follow if you want to know how to protect bathroom vanity from water damage:

Tip: 1. Keep The Moisture At Bay

Humidity is the enemy of bathroom vanities. So the first thing you have to make sure of is that your bathroom does not get too humid. 

Controlling the moisture content inside the bathroom will keep your bathroom vanity healthy. An exhaust fan will come in very handy if you want to remove the extra moisture from your washroom. Installing an exhaust fan is very important as it will control both the odor and humidity. There are many different exhaust models out there that are not very expensive. 

If you do not have any exhaust fan inside your bathroom, then try to ventilate your washroom in any other way. Opening up a window or putting up a ceiling fan can also help to circulate your restroom. 

Who doesn’t love a dry washroom? Get yourself a humidifier that will dry your toilet and everything inside it, including your washroom vanity. Remember, a dry bathroom vanity will go a long way than a wet one.

Tip: 2. Waterproof Everything

One of the most foolproof ways that you can follow to ensure that your bathroom vanity remains protected from water damage is if you waterproof everything. Now you might ask, how to waterproof bathroom vanity?

Waterproofing your bathroom vanity will add an extra layer of protection. And it is the best weapon if you have asked yourself how to protect my bathroom vanity from water damage.

There are many water-resistant paints that you can use to waterproof your bathroom vanity. High gloss paints are also good alternatives. But waterproofing does not mean that water will not penetrate the surface. 

Bathroom vanities are made up of wood. And wood and water do not mix very well. If you do not want to use paint, go for clear waterproof paint that will also bring a nice shine.

Tip: 3. Look For Leaks

Leaks in the bathroom are something that is an absolute nuisance. They can ruin a perfect day. If you see that your toilet is wet even after drying everything thoroughly, then chances are a leak in your bathroom.

Most of the time sinks below the cabinets start leaking. Try to locate the leak and fix it as soon as you can. If you do not fix it, your vanity will get soaked through, and you will be helpless by the time you notice it.

Tip: 4. Clean Up Spills

Washrooms are places where water spills are inevitable. But it is best to mop up any spills once they happen. 

It would help if you kept some clean towels in your bathroom. Once you are done showering or washing your face, take the towel and wipe down everything around the sink and your bathroom vanity. This will prevent any water stain on your vanity and keep your bathroom vanity looking brand new. If you have a litter box in bathroom cabinet, please make sure you clean any spill around it as well.

How Do You Fix A Water Damaged Bathroom Vanity?

How To Protect Bathroom Vanity From Water Damage

When it comes to bathroom vanity repair, you should know that bathroom vanity water damage is usually the main culprit behind a damaged bathroom vanity. 

Assess The Damage

Before you call in a professional or want to replace your bathroom vanity, check what caused the damage. If you see that there is a minor problem, then chances are you can get it fixed quickly.

Replace The Damaged Parts

It is cheaper to replace damaged parts than buying an entire bathroom vanity. Try to understand where exactly the problem lies. If the pipes or faucets are giving you trouble, you can always replace them.

Repaint Everything

Nothing makes a vanity look more beautiful than a fresh coat of paint. Everyone should know how to fix peeling bathroom vanity. When you see your bathroom vanity looking a bit dull, grab some paint and start on with it.

You can also call the manufacturer and just ask for the exact paint shade. Or you can always pay some extra bucks so that they do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Keep Bathroom Cabinets From Water Damage?

Ans: Laminating your bathroom cabinets or use waterproof paint for bathroom cabinets to save your it from water damage.

2.  How Do I Protect My Sink Cabinet From Water Damage?

Ans: You can apply a sealant to all the pipes below your sink to protect them from water damage. Apart from that, you can put a waterproof floor mat to protect your floors.

3. How Do You Waterproof a Vanity?

Ans: There are many ways to waterproof a vanity, but it will not be completely waterproof. You can use polyurethane or varnish on the vanity, depending on the material. 

4. How Do You Seal a Gap Between a Wall And Vanity?

Ans: You can seal a gap by using bathroom sealant tapes. But before you put on the tape, make sure the wall is dry.

5. Does a Bathroom Vanity Need to Be Attached to The Wall?

Ans: Yes, attaching the bathroom vanity to the wall is better as plumbing is more accessible. If you do not know what to do, you can call a handyman to install bathroom vanity.

6. How to Repair Water Damaged Bathroom Cabinet?

Ans: It actually depends on how much damage you already have in your bathroom cabinet. You can also protect your cabinet from water damage if you take action before. By using  polyurethane varnish or any water proof paint to repair water damaged bathroom vanity.

Final Words

Bathroom vanities can change the way your bathroom looks. So it is vital to know how to protect bathroom vanity from water damage.

Keeping your bathroom clean and devoid of extra moisture will always keep your bathroom vanity beautiful so that it will last for years.

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