How to Draw a House Easy

People are often interested in learning how to draw houses. In this tutorial, we will use a cream house with a red roof despite the fact that there are plenty of fun ways to color a house. Feel free to use any other color that you like!

Refer to the blue lines in the house drawing a guide to follow along. You can see where you are in the drawing. You would draw brown lines over the steps you have already completed, and blue lines over the steps you will draw at the time.

Materials to Draw a House

  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand makes the best lines, is easy to erase, and makes the darkest lines when necessary. Teachers will greatly benefit from purchasing pre-sharpened knives.
  • Black Sharpie Marker. In addition to having a good point for tracing, these permanent marker pens never bleed when wet. Make sure your table is ventilated and cover it with extra paper.
  • Crayola Crayons. Consistently good quality. Prang’s 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors, which seem to be warmer and richer than the ones in the 24 pack.
  • Prang Crayons. They sometimes look like oil pastels because they are softer than other crayons. Unless you buy the larger boxes, Crayola does not have many brown shades.
  • Eraser. It is much easier to erase leftover pencil lines after tracing with large erasers that you can hold in your hand rather than pencil tip erasers.

How To Draw a House Easily Method :1

Step 1: Sketch the Outline of Your Home

Your house’s main outline should be drawn. Adjust its height and width as necessary.

Step 2: Sketch a rooftop

Make a drawing of your home’s roof. Roofs must have the same angle as tops of houses.

Step 3: Draw a doorknob and a door

Your house should have a door in the middle.

Step 4: Create two windows

A door should be surrounded by two symmetrical windows.

Step 5: Sketch a couple of window panes

Perpendicular lines should be drawn on each window.

Step 6: Sketch a round window

The front entrance door should be adorned with a circular window.

Step 7: Using the round window as a template, draw a window pane

Window panes should be added.

Step 8: Sketch a chimney

Your house’s chimney should be drawn. It can be placed on either side.

Step 9: You’re done!

Now that you have drawn your house, you are finished! It was easy, wasn’t it?

Step 10: Paint Your House

How To Draw a House Method: 2

Step 1

First, let’s take a look at what elements we shouldn’t forget when drawing houses! The foundation of a house should be solid, and have a roof, windows, and a door. In addition to the steps, there can also be a porch and a cornice. For added romance, a chimney can also be added!

Step 2

There are mainly rectangles in this house. This basic shape is used to draw the walls, windows, doors, and steps! In this drawing, you can see how beauty was created from a small perspective. 

Use rectangles and triangles to draw a more simplified house in the example below.

Step 3

We will draw the front of the house with a rectangle and the roof with a triangle. Sketch the chimney next. Add texture to the roof and give it more depth. Draw a door, window, and porch now. Adding colors will make your work more appealing.

Step 4

It is not difficult to draw a simple house (2). It can be more challenging to draw one in perspective (4)! And remember that not everybody lives in a castle! You can also build a house with pieces of wood put together randomly (5)! Let your imagination run wild! Any house will do (3)!

Would you like to try more lessons? Awesome! On the following pages, you will find more cute, fun, and easy to draw houses and buildings. I hope you enjoy them.

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Drawing straight lines may be the biggest challenge for you as a beginner artist. Although you could use a ruler to make things easier, it’s recommended that you simply do your best without it if you want to make progress.

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