How To Clean Samsung Washing Machine Filter Top Loader

How to keep your washer clean by cleaning the filter often. Both filters prevent debris from entering the washer, so understanding how to open and clean the Samsung washer is important.

The affected area should be cleaned and dried immediately to remove any residuals. There is no pump filter on top-loading washers. There is no cycle for cleaning in older top loaders, but you can create your own. As both have the function of preventing debris from entering the washer, understanding how to open and clean the Samsung washing machine filter is important.


The Samsung washing machine’s filters should be inspected before you begin cleaning. Additionally, you should look for clogs.

Inlet filters clog if:

  • Water fills up very slowly after starting the cycle.
  • An error message appears when the washer attempts to fill.

You will need to clean the Samsung washing machine’s inlet filter in such a case.

It is situated at the point where the inlet valve meets the fill hose. On the inside, a screen collects fine debris.

There are several signs that the Samsung washing machine’s drain filter is clogged:

  • It takes a long time for the used water to drain.
  • There is no draining of the used water.
  • Error codes are displayed when a washer tries to drain.

A blockage can be indicated by any of these signs. Thus, understanding how to open and clean the Samsung washing machine filter is important. During a drain cycle, this part holds lint, hair, small objects, and small details.

You should not delay cleaning drain filters if they are heavily clogged; this can lead to the drain pump malfunctioning. The procedure should be performed every three to four months.


What should I do to clean the water inlet filter in my Samsung washing machine?

What should I do to clean the water inlet filter in my Samsung washing machine?

Following are the steps:

  1. Pull the plug out of the socket and unplug the washer. Make sure there is nothing in the way of the cable.
  2. The water supply should be turned off at the stop valve.
  3. Remove the inlet hose from the washing machine by unscrewing it. You may drain some water while doing so. Drain the hose in the sink or bathtub or get a container for it beforehand.
  4. At the back of the washing machine, you can see the screen in the inlets. Use pliers to remove it.
  5. Under pressure, rinse it.
  6. The part must be reinstalled.

How do I clean the drain filter on my Samsung washing machine?

How do I clean the drain filter on my Samsung washing machine?
  1. See if you can find any abnormalities in the bottom part of the front panel of the washer.
  2. Use a flathead screwdriver to open it since some latches may be securing it.
  3. Once you remove the panel, you’ll see the filter – a chunk of plastic with a handle.
  4. Make sure you have a bowl to collect water before unscrewing and removing the drain filter.
  5. Should you perform the cleaning during the drain cycle? After tilting the washer backward, put the bucket under the filter and unscrew the filter to drain the water.

Listen up! The manufacturer may use some mounting bolts to secure the part. For the filter to be removed and cleaned, you must unscrew them first.

  1. The filter should be rotated counter-clockwise and removed.
  2. Remove any debris from the part and rinse it under running water.
  3. Make sure the part’s housing is in good condition. Also, make sure any debris is removed.
  4. Close the panel and reinstall the filter.

There is a problem that prevents you from rotating and removing the filter. In the event that the drain system has never been cleaned, parts are likely to cling to housings or clogs so heavy they are impossible to get rid of. You will also have to remove the Samsung washing machine’s pump before you can clean the filter. Here are the steps:

  • All utilities should be disconnected, so you should tilt the machine backward or place it on its side.
  • Disconnect the pipes from the pump by loosening the clamps.
  • Mounting screws should be unscrewed.
  • The filter and pump must be removed together.

The unit must be disassembled. With WD-40 multi-purpose product, you can easily remove the parts.



Do you want to do the cleaning of your washer’s systems as seldom as possible? Follow these instructions during the cycle:

  1. Make sure the clothing has no pockets before putting it in the drum. Ensure there are no coins inside.
  2. Clothing with small parts should be put into laundry bags so that they won’t clog the machine.


How do I level a Samsung top load washer?

A washer’s front feet should be able to move up and down. Four feet may be found on some models.

Make sure the feet are level by turning them up or down. When I eyeball it, I use a bubble level on the closed lid. Both sides of the lid need to be leveled.

How often should the drain filters of front loader washers and dryers be cleaned?

The frequency of use depends on the machine.

My household has two adults, and I always check the cloth before washing it to ensure there are no stray tissues or foreign objects. Because of this, I change the cleaning filter in my washing machine every three months. My front loader has a large gasket (but I clean it weekly). As the gasket can quickly become nasty, consult the manual or check online if you’re not sure.

It is necessary to clean the dryer after every load. A lint buildup can actually cause a fire.

How do you clean a front load washer with bleach?

Bleach does not appear to remove soap scum very well. It’s better to buy specially designed cleaning packets for washing machines.

As another person mentioned, you can sanitize your washer by pouring some bleach into the dispenser and running it without clothes.

How do I release a door catch on a Samsung front-loading washer?

When it comes to washers, there are only two types of latches (unless it’s industrial): one is a pull handle and the other is a push latch. With the push latch, you push the door inward (opposite) and it will pop open. If the washer is full of water, it will not pop open because it will be electronically locked.

Most models have the ability to reverse the opening of the door.

There are some that are harder than others. Moving over the door lock mechanism is usually the most difficult.

Do Samsung washers have a filter that needs to be cleaned?

With Samsung’s top-load washers, you can easily clean the debris filters in order to prevent your washing machine from getting clogged.

How do I know if my washing machine drain is clogged?

It is easy to diagnose a clogged drain hose if you notice that water is not draining away from your machine properly. The first time they notice this is after they put their laundry on the spin cycle and realize it’s still soaking wet once the timer goes off.

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