How to Clean Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat: 2 Easy Method

A diatomaceous bath mat is a perfect example of how to clean diatomaceous earth. Cleaning this natural therapeutic bath mat, however, can be tricky. If you don’t know where to start or if you’re a little bit nervous about getting down and dirty with all those little holes, relax — here are some handy tips on how to clean your diatomaceous bath mat and restore its original beauty.


  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Cleaning Equipment

Method: 1

1. Clean with fresh water

If the surface of the diatomaceous earth foot mat has ordinary stains, rinse it with water for about 1 minute to clean it, then dry it in the sun or in a cool, dry place.

2. Cleaning with detergent

If you have tough stains, you can clean them with detergent. Small stains can be removed with old toothbrushes and other instruments.

3. Polishing with sandpaper

After a lengthy period of use, the surface pores of the diatomaceous earth mat will be closed by long-term deposits of stains, reducing the water absorption capacity. To restore the water absorption ability of the foot mat, gently smooth the surface with sandpaper.

4. The initial application

Before using it for the first time, rinse it with clean water to eliminate any dust on the surface, then dry it before using it to improve water absorption.

Method: 2

Diatomite bath mats are gaining popularity since they are 100 percent organic, very absorbent, and require significantly less cleaning than traditional bath mats.

But how do you clean something made of diatomaceous earth and plant fibers?

Step 1:

It is not required to clean a diatomite bath mat all over because it is advisable to concentrate on the stains. Wipe the damaged area with a moist cloth or a brush to remove a stain. If it doesn’t work, use fine sandpaper to remove the stain. However, avoid using any cleaning detergents at all costs.

Step 2:

Place the mat outside in the shade (ideally where there is a breeze) for a few hours if it has been wet during the washing process or if you want to dry it out after it has absorbed too much water in the bathroom. It’s best not to leave it out in the sun because it will crack and become brittle.


Q: How do you clean a diatom bath mat?

Yes, because of the unique nature of this mat, stains can be removed by washing it under running water, wiping it with a damp sponge or sandpaper, and gently grinding the surface until the obstinate spots are gone. The Bath Mat will soon refresh itself with good performance after drying naturally.

Q: How do you clean a diatomite mud mat?

Before using, it is recommended that you rinse it with water and then leave it to dry naturally in a ventilated area. Cleaning and upkeep during the day: 1. Rinse the diatomite bath mat with running water or wipe it clean with a damp cloth or sponge if the surface is just faintly soiled.

Q: Are diatomite bath mats safe?

The diatomite bath mat is created from natural diatomaceous earth, which absorbs water quickly and is an organic natural soil that can breathe. Diatomite is a natural material that is both healthful and environmentally sustainable.

Q: Can you wash diatomite mat?

Maintaining and cleaning your diatomite bath mat is a breeze! The stone mat is more durable than the standard synthetic mat because it is composed of natural, stone-like material. To remove any powdered residue, simply wash with running water or wipe with a moist cloth before using.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to get more information about cleaning diatomaceous earth bath mats. You now know how to clean Diatomaceous Earth, the best method and process to be successful, the tips and tricks I have used to help me stay successful, and if you listen closely you may hear your diatomaceous earth bath mat singing in delight.

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