How to Clean Bidet Sprayer: 3 Easy Methods

I have also seen many bidets attached toilets, where users are using the bidet sprayer regularly, but they are not quite maintaining or cleaning the bidet. Bidet makes your butt wiping process much easier, so you also need to maintain and clean the bidet from time to time so that you get hygienic cleaning performance every time.

As well as proper maintenance will increase the longevity of your bidet attachment. Anyway, before cleaning your bidet sprayer, you need to know how to clean bidet sprayer properly, Right? You will be delighted to know that bidet cleaning and maintenance is not a challenging task! You can simply keep the system clean by obeying a few simple steps.

How to Clean Bidet Sprayer Step by Step

How to Clean Bidet Sprayer

Most bidets presently have a self-cleaning nozzle, which eliminates the need for users to clean the nozzle every few days and makes the maintenance process much easier, but some bidets do not provide effective results. However, most bidets do not have these features.

In this section, we have shared a few methods of cleaning different types of bidet sprayers, where we have tried to explain everything in detail in each of the methods so that you can easily understand what steps to take in different situations. So observe carefully.

Method 1: Use Vinegar And a Toothbrush to Clean The Bidet

First, make a solution by mixing vinegar and water together, then take a soft toothbrush. You can use other brushes if you want, but we recommend toothbrush because it is readily available and provide accurate cleaning performance in manual cleaning.

Turn on the nozzle for a few seconds, rinse the nozzle’s tip with vinegar, and then wash the flats around it with a brush.

Method 2: Clean The Removable Nozzle Tip

As a result of long time use, you will notice that the bidet nozzle’s water pressure is relatively decreasing; the main reason is that the inside of the nozzle is clogged. If your toilet bidet has removable features, then remove it for better cleaning. Or look at the user manuals and safely remove the nozzle tip.

Then place your removed nozzle tip in vinegar for 3 to 5 hours. Then with the help of a toothbrush, scrub both inside and outside of the nozzles and remove the deposits of water. Then after a thorough cleaning, attach the nozzle tip again.

Method 3: Clean The Non-Removable Nozzle Tip

Many bidet nozzle tips are fixed; they can not be removed. In this case, you have to extend the nozzle to clean the bidet and unplug the unit. Then take a vinegar filled Ziplock bag, and then with the help of tape or a rubber band, attach the bag to the nozzle.

After attaching:

Check again, and make sure that the nozzle tip of the bidet is completely immersed in vinegar. 

Eave this condition for at least 3 to 5 hours

After removing the ZipLock bag, clean the nozzle tip with the help of a toothbrush and finally plug the unit again.

How to Clean an Electric Bidet

In most cases, electric bidet systems include self-cleaning features, but some bidets do not include these features. In that case, follow the procedure below to clean the nozzle.

Unplug You Electric Bidet

When you move to work with any electric device, you must unplug the device first as much as possible. In the same way, unplug the electric bidet seat first before cleaning.

Clean the Bidet

In the field of nozzle cleaning of the electric bidet, try to avoid using any types of harsh chemical as much as possible. Take a damp cloth, drop it in hot water, then remove the nozzle for simple cleaning. Cleaning the nozzle with regular hot water does not cause any dirt to accumulate easily. If you want to get better performance, then you can use a homemade solution.

Plug Your Electric Bidet

After completing the above cleaning process, plug in the bidet and keep the nozzles ON for a while; if any solution is inserted inside the nozzles, they will come out.

How to Clean a Bidet Toilet Seat

With bidet sprayer cleaning, you should also know the process of cleaning your bidet seat properly. If there is an electric bidet before cleaning, first unplug it. If there have easily removable systems, then remove your bidet. Take damp cloths, and you can use a homemade cleaning solution if you want to get a little better cleaning performance.

And if the removal process seems to be your hassles, then you can wipe each component of the upper part with the help of damp cloths. After the cleaning process, place all the components are in their proper place.

Final Verdict

Cleaning the bidet sprayer is not rocket science; I think the bidet sprayer cleaning process is much easier than bidet attachment cleaning. Try to clean at least once a month; as a result, the bidet sprayer will not have the chance of clogging inside, and the flow rate of the sprayer will be expected. Hopefully, our guide has helped you a lot in easily knowing how to clean bidet sprayer in detail.

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