How High Can Toilet Flange Be Above Floor: A Proper Measurement

A toilet is the most common and important part of our home. Before installing a new toilet, having knowledge about the toilet fitting ingredients as well as measurement is necessary. 

Toilet Flange is one of the crucial ingredients of installing toilets. The toilet flange is nothing but a simple ring that fits on your toilet floor beneath your toilet. 

This PVC or metal made flange extends with the drainpipe of your toilet. When you prepare to install a toilet, the first thing that comes to your mind is- How High Can Toilet Flange Be Above the Floor. 

It is necessary to confirm the toilet flange height above the finished floor properly. The toilet flange installation height should be ½ inch to ¼ inch from your floor. Let’s know why you should maintain the perfect measurement.

What Is Toilet Flange?

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The flange is a connection between your home’s drain and your toilet. It is a ring and fits the middle of the drain and your toilet. The flange is made of PVC. Brass pipe, copper steel, or plastic. 

If the flange is not fitted correctly or broken. It can be a matter of headache. It is sealed to your home drain and toilet to avoid leakage. Depending on the size of your drain pipe, the toilet flange can be three to four inches. 

The flange needs to fit with the pipe downward over or fit easily inside it. Using flange with the wrong height or wrong size can have issues while installation or leaks in using time.

How does toilet flange work?

A round-shaped different material made toilet flange contains several holes. Using these holes, the bolts are adjusted. The bolts make the flange secure and tighten to the floor. It is also inserted with the sewer pipe of the drain to make them secure.

After that, the toilet can be secured to set with the flange. According to the flange material, an airtight sealing system can flow to the pipe to prevent leakage.

Why Perfect measurement For Toilet flange is important?

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The flange stretches out into the channel pipe. Toilet flange height for tile measurement is very important.

As the rib on your latrine is excessively high, it can spill water. Both the spillage and the influencing may make the floor twist or break. A leaking toilet flange can harm the subfloor and prompt build-up and development.

To solve this problem, you can enhance a toilet flange extender. It is pretty fast along with super easy to install. You just need to acquire the necessary clearance from the floor.

How Do You Know Your Toilet Flange Is Too High Or Not?

With a simply answering question, you can know whether the toilet flange is too high or not. 

  • Is the toilet shaking or spilling water around the base? 

If this is the case, your toilet flange might be excessively high. If a toilet flange is too high, that makes a gap or hole between the toilet base and the floor. 

If this is the issue with your toilet, fortune has smiled on you. There is an inspection that is done with the goal. 

How High Can Toilet Flange Be Above Floor?

The ideal flange height to focus on is 1/4 inch over the completed floor, and this is commonly considered practically any kind of wax ring to be utilized and still guarantee a decent seal. 

To get the essential leeway from the floor, you can add a latrine flange extender that is fast and simple to be installed. 

Toilet flange extenders are usually sold in 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch sizes to raise the height of the recent flange to both of those estimations. Most extenders accompany long bolts, which might be vital assuming the flange is underneath the floor level.

While installing your toilet flange, you need to ensure that it is installed on the very top of the finished floor and that it is perfectly level. It is incorrect if your flange is even with or below the floor. 

It typically allows for the use of almost any type of wax ring while still ensuring a good seal. 

How To Adjust Toilet Flange Height?

How High Can Toilet Flange Be Above Floor Adjust

There are multiple ways to adjust the height of your toilet flange. Contingent upon the current flange’s age and state, you don’t regularly require access from underneath. 

Once in a while, you can cut the line with an aline shaper operator along with an expansion with another flange. However, you may dart a flange expansion of the right thickness on top of the current flange.

Again, sometimes the measure of change is little and can be taken care of by utilizing an additional thick wax ring. 

Once in a while, even two wax rings are utilized. However, this isn’t as great a long haul as doing a legitimate flange stature change. 

Should The Toilet Flange Be Flush With The Floor?

The toilet flange must have to be on top of the concluded floor, which means the base edge of the toilet flange should be on a parallel plane to the toilet. 

So, in case your toilet sits on the tile, the flange should be on top of the tile as well. Separating the toilet leaves “horn” and fixing the surface is intended for this stature.

Also, you need the flange to be gotten to the floor as firmly as could be expected. Assuming it’s on top of the tile, we think you risk separating the tile when you’re fixing the nuts on the flange. 

Tips For Maintaining the Height of Toilet Flange

Here are some tips for you to follow while installing your toilet flange.

  • You should measure carefully before you buy your toilet.
  • Try to follow the steps of installing a toilet flange with proper care and knowledge.
  • Please be patient when working any plumbing work, like installing a toilet.
  • Hold your attention and do everything properly to avoid leaking or getting a bad odor.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can a toilet flange be too high?

Ans: The answer is no! Even if it is, this will cause serious problems and damage to your toilet, and this problem needs to be fixed ASAP.

2. Does the toilet flange have to be level with the floor?

Ans: When installing your toilet flange, it should be set on the completed floor. Also, it is likewise be introduced at an entirely level.

3. Can a toilet flange sit above the floor?

Ans: Yes, the toilet flange should install on the above of the completed floor with perfect measurement. But before installing you would need to know how high should toilet flange sit above floor.

4. Does a toilet flange need to be glued?

Ans: It can be. If your flange is PVC, it can be glued with a PVC drain pipe. But try to avoid using glue, in this case, to use it long-term. 

5. How do you install a toilet when the flange is too high?

Ans: The answer is given above but for your direct information, let me explain- You need to raise the toilet floor with a board or a tile layer. Please don’t make it too high that will cause problems.

Final Verdict

It is very important to set your toilet flange with proper measurement. We have tried our best to explain how high can toilet flange be above the floor. Measure everything before buying or adjusting. Detect the problem and solve it. 

If you still have some problems or any misconceptions, contact us to fix them. To avoid unwanted leaks and displeasing odor, try to follow the proper height for toilet flange and measure with the correct material. 

We have been trying to make up all critical questions that will be enough to learn about your toilet flange. If you have any more queries, feel free to ask. Hope you enjoyed it.

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