Ultimate Review of the Best Incinerator Toilet In The Market 2022

As far as necessity is concerned, the bathroom is right after your bedroom. This is the place where you let go of yourself, all your pressure. Besides, the bathroom is a place where you just not only poop, but also think about brilliant ideas.

“There’s no place like home. And there’s no toilet like your own” – American musician Taylor York says pretty much everything that we would say. Your toilet is like your identity, you feel hopeless without it.

Therefore, it can be gone without saying that a bathroom is one of the most essential parts of our life. Hence, the importance of a toilet is inevitable. No matter where you live, may that be a huge mansion or a small tiny apartment, you just need a toilet.

Over the period, toilets have evolved in different ways. Among the best ones is the incinerator toilet. This toilet does not flush your waste, no! It burns your waste. What!? Yes. It will create a high temperature which eventually turns your poop into ashes.

Toilets like this have become quite popular lately, especially for those who are traveling with their RV. The market is flooded with options. However, not all are great. Therefore, we have come up with this article where we discuss 10 of the best incinerator toilets in the market. These toilets are compact, perform perfectly and look great. Let’s start.

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Convenient Height Toilet Extra-Tall 20-21 Inch Bowl

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet

Comparison Table

Convenient Height Toilet Extra-Tall 20-21 Inch BowlTaller in height (20-21 Inches) Provides enhanced safety; Ideal for elderly people
Separett Villa 9215 AC/DCAdvanced on and off the grid living toiletCompatible with AC and DC power input Comes with composite bags
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained ToiletSelf-contained compact in size Easy to install
ME by Starck One-Piece toilet Duravit RimlessEasy to clean Doesn’t have a rimCompatible for SensoWash® shower-toilet seats
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece ToiletExcellent design Well made Enhanced comfortable
YITAHOME RV ToiletThe design is really unique Features a quick foot pedal Ideal for those who travel with RV
DeerValley DV-1F026 Dual Flush Elongated Standard One Piece ToiletAll in one setup needs Low-MaintenanceSingle push seat removal option
DeerValley DV-1F52813 Tiny Small Compact Dual Flush One-Piece ToiletHas a seamless design that Saves a lot of spaceThe seat hinge is made from stainless steel
Camco 41541 Portable Travel ToiletPortable; easy to carry The waste tank is detachable Good waste capacity
Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable ToiletPortable and convenient Everyone can use All-rounder performance

Top 10 Best Incinerator Toilet Reviews:

1. Convenient Height Toilet Extra-Tall 20-21 Inch Bowl

The Extra-Tall 20-21 Inch Bowl from Convenient Height Toilet wins our top spot for best incinerator toilet. This taller than usual toilet is made for you so that you can seat and stand conveniently. You will also be less likely to fall when using the bathroom.

This elegantly designed toilet can go with any bathroom you have. Its flash which is made of solid metal will give you the experience of endurance. Furthermore, its bowl is reinforced which means this will last much longer than usual bowls.

The design of this toilet is very unique. Even when your toilet seat is up, you can reach the flush and get your job done. Speaking of flash, it comes with two systems that perform excellently. And about water usage, only 0.8 gallons per flash is needed for this toilet.


Taller Height

Any standard toilet has a standard height of 15 inches. For the taller people, this can feel quite low. Hence, they can experience pain in their knees. However, this toilet solves the issue with its 20-inch height.

Excellent Flushing System

This toilet comes with a very good flushing system. Its durable dual-flush actuator ensures the connection is rigid. Besides, just because it is a taller toilet, it uses its gravity to flush. On top of that, the flush handle is made of metal. A sleek design while maintaining integrity is something you can expect from this toilet.

Enhance Safety

If you have elder people living with you, this toilet is highly recommended. As this toilet is taller than the usual one, elderly people can easily sit and stand. This height will keep their knees in the natural position, leaving them with no knee pains. They can sit and stand quite easily without the risk of falling. Hence, this toilet is highly known for its safety.


  • Dimensions: 27-inch x 15-inch x 36-inch
  • Height: 20-21 Inches
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: White
  • Installation Method: Floor Mounted


  • Taller than any usual toilet, easier to sit and stand
  • Safer than conventional ones
  • Good for elderly people
  • Great flushing system
  • Excellent design


  • The tank tends to wobble

2. Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

Next, we’ve got number 02, the Villa 9215 AC/DC from the brand Separett. If you are looking for an advanced, trouble-free composting toilet, then this is the one you should go for. It is newly introduced in the US market and this is rapidly getting popular.

This toilet is most advanced for your on-grid and off-grid living. This Villa model wholly operates on AC or DC. You won’t need water to flush down. It has a urine-diverting system that works perfectly well.

This waterless composting toilet has many significant features. Unlike any other propane incinerator toilet, it has waterless features. Besides, there are other great features too. Let’s get into the details.


No Water Needed

The Villa 9215 has this feature named urine-diverting. It will work without water and divert the urine away from feces. The solid waste will dump into a compostable liner bag, and the urine will drain into a holding tank.

AC & DC Compatibility

This Villa 9215 operates on either AC (standard) or DC (either solar or battery) power. This means no matter where you are going to set this up, this will work fine. Let that be at home or any camping trip to a national park, or even remote! Designed to support venting to a height of 20 feet, it comes with an AC and DC single-speed fan. Features to keep you cool. Great, isn’t it?

Included Composite Bags

The thing about toilets like this is that you need composite bags. As you won’t be needing the water, these bags will store your waste. One of the best facts about this toilet is, it comes with 10 included bags. This lets you use this toilet right away. No need to buy composite bags for a few trips.


  • Dimension: 38.25-inch x 25.25-inch x 25-inches
  • Compatibility: AC & DC
  • Included: 10 compostable bags and 1 waste container w/lid
  • Type: Composite
  • Installation type: Wall Mounted


  • The vent fan pulls air over the solid waste
  • No bad odor
  • Child seats available
  • Saves water
  • Supports both AC & DC


  • Cannot install in a shower space

3. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Following at number 3 is the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet. With the Sanicompact toilet, you can enjoy a variety of benefits. This is a self-contained toilet that is multipurpose.

It was designed for several reasons. This modern-shaped self-contained toilet is fitted for every situation. Such it will fit in a limited space. It uses minimum water. People with physical disabilities can use it comfortably.

It doesn’t need a flow tank. This toilet has a flushing action and can macerate the pump cycle automatically. Save a lot of effort and makes life very convenient.



The SaniCompact is a compact toilet which means it can fit tight spots. It is ideally installed in a half-bathroom up to 9 ft. below the sewer line, or even up to 120 ft. away from a soil stack. It is not like other conventional toilets. Even with the smallest toilets with very limited space, this will find its space to remain installed and fully functional.

Flushing System

It has a unique flushing system. All you need is to push the button which is an air switch and the pump cycle automatically flushes down everything. It doesn’t need the phenomenon of gravity to help itself, because it is self-sufficient. Only a gallon is required when passing through. This allows it to save a lot of water. This toilet is excellent for places where the availability of water is rather scarce.

Simple Installation

The SaniCompact has a discharge elbow on the back that can be roasted 360 degrees to fit any installation requirement. You can install this in any location. Apart from that, it’s also designed for people who have disabilities.


  • Dimensions – 18.25-inch x 14.5-inch x 15.75-inch
  • Bowl Height (Seat Excluded):18.5 inches
  • Vertical Discharge: Up to 9 Feet
  • Horizontal Discharge: Up to 100 Feet
  • Per Flush Water Usage: 1.6 Gallons
  • Weight: 65 lbs.


  • Saves a great amount of water
  • Stylish toilet seat with chrome hinges
  • No gravity flow tank
  • Easy to Install, Quiet, Adjustable
  • People with disabilities can use this


  • After a user flushes, it sometimes repeats the flush

4. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

If you’re are a travel enthusiast our number 09 will surely intrigue you. The Cameo 41541 Portable Travel Toilet is an excellent travel toilet. A portable toilet is a necessity if you plan to go camping, boating, grilling, or RVing. This toilet can be the perfect solution for you.

The Cameo 41541 portable toilet will give you a great outdoor toilet experience. This portable toilet comes with many benefits. Because of its lightweight, you can carry it everywhere. Besides, it has a sealing side valve, which will stop odor to come out. In the case of leakage, it will also shine in that category.

It comes with a 5.3-gallon holding tank and slide valve. It will give you easy flushing and won’t create unwanted odors. The tank is detachable which means you can carry it separately. This is a very convenient feature, especially when you are traveling around the globe.


Easy To Carry

41541 is a portable toilet. When we travel it’s hard to find a proper toilet, this portable toilet comes in very handy. It is designed for recreational activity. You can also use it for emergency issues. Furthermore, this toilet is durable too.

The Flush Tank:

The Cameo has the capacity of holding 2.5 gallons of freshwater. The structure of this portable toilet is very easy to use. You will find a cap that removes or fills the flush tank. And the bellow-type pump flushes the water into the tank.

Detachable Waste Tank

You will get a half waste tank. It can easily hold 5.3 gallons of waste. At the back of the waste tank, there is a cap to empty the waste tank. The handles are strong enough to carry. Also, the tank is detachable which means you can take this apart and only carry the toilet. A pretty convenient solution for your travel needs.


  • Dimensions- 14-inch x 16-inch x 15.5-inch
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Waste Tank Capacity: 5.3 Gallons
  • Flush Tank Capacity: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent for traveling
  • Sturdy construction
  • Integrated handles for portability
  • Easy to empty the waste


  • It doesn’t have a direct way to dump the waste

5. Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet

At the end of the list, we have the 92820 Porta Potti 365 from the brand Thetford Porta Potti 365 is the perfect combination of comfort and portability. It is durable and easy to use.

Carrying handles makes it easy to move. You can carry it with ease. You easily clean the toilet by removing its seats and covers. Even though this is not a diesel incinerator toilet, still it will get your job done.

The Porta Potti has a sleek modern looking design. It comes with a large bowl with comfortable seat height. It will fit in your car or RV perfectly. Hence, this is our 10th favorite option in our list of best incinerator toilet.



The 92820 Porta Potti 365 is the award-winning portable toilet. It is suited for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, and camping. You can carry this for any traveling purpose. Now you won’t get mosquito bites from shitting in the jungle.

Portable and Convenient

Portable toilets are very easy to carry. The weight of this toilet is only 10.56 lbs. You can take it for any outside activities. It has removal seats and covers that you can remove to clean. Despite the portability, you can still store 5.3 gallons of your dump inside this toilet.

Made for Everyone

There is no limit to the number of people who can use a Porta Potti. They can be used by individuals or groups. It is the perfect toilet for long road trips. A single fill gives more than 50 flushes.


  • Dimensions: 43.5-inch x 42.2-inch x 39-Inch
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Waste Tank Capacity: 5.3 Gallons
  • Flush Tank Capacity: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 10.56 lbs.


  • Airtight valve
  • Easy access to the holding tanks
  • Emptying waste is simple
  • Easy to carry
  • Low maintenance


  • Seats are a bit small for adults.

6. ME by Starck One-Piece Toilet Duravit Rimless

If esthetics is something on your checklist, look at the ME by Starck One-Piece toilet Duravit Rimless. It is one of our favorites because of its perfect design that will dominate the whole interior. Made beautifully in white, this will be the superstar of your whole washroom setup! Yes, a toilet!

Thus, your bathroom is left with ample room so that you can still highlight both your individuality and taste in the interior. The ability for perfectly structured products to satisfy your individual needs from all angles is amazing.

Your personal style can reach its final expression with ME by Starck One-Piece toilet Duravit Rimless. At the same time, create a pure, natural, and elegant toilet. It’s like a sweet blend of convenience and design.


Easy to Clean

ME by Starck One-Piece toilet Duravit Rimless is beautifully glazed. Its glaze gives extra shine and it’s easy to clean. It’s glazed from top to bottom, inside to outside. Just use any toilet cleaner and clean this without giving a lot of effort.

Hygiene Glaze

Its Hygiene Glaze is antibacterial. It will kill the bacteria effectively and quickly. It also kills germs like E.Coli. Keeping you away from diseases is one of the main purposes of this toilet. No room for bacterial colonies inside your toilet.


This toilet is rimless. This means the geometry of this toilet will be different than any other traditional one we use. This toilet has an open rim area that is easy to access. This will allow you to keep the toilet for an extended period of time. So no more cleaning the toilet frequently.


  • Dimension: 18.45-inch x 28.05-inch x 34.65-inch
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Oblong
  • Installation Type: Floor Mounted
  • Weights: ‎146 pounds


  • It is rimless
  • It has a top flush
  • It features an Elongated bowl
  • Compatible for SensoWash® shower-toilet seats


  • A toilet seat will need to be purchased.

7. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet

Next, we’ve got the SM-1T254 St. Tropez one-piece toilet from Swiss Madison that will give you the perfect modern look for your well-furnished bathroom. Looks and functionality, this is the perfect combination of both worlds. Surely you won’t miss getting compliments for this piece of art.

The sleek eye-soothing design with a comfortable sitting position will offer you premium service. This toilet is skirted, which means the surface of this toilet will be extremely smooth. Hence, you can easily clean it without leaving any stains.

The SM-1T254 has made its position with its attractive features. You will get a high-quality experience by using it. Besides, this saves water, thanks to its dual-flush function. Also, there is the Vortex™ flush technology which will surely keep your rim much cleaner.


Glamorous Design

The SM-1T254 St. Tropez one-piece toilet will grab your attention with its attractive design. It looks seamless with any style. Its sleek design will compliment your bathroom.


The Swiss Madison made the structure very smooth and nicely done finishing. It will offer you the quick-release matte hinges that will give soft closing seats. Besides, you will be getting a handful of accessories with this piece, from wax rings to cover caps.

Vortex™ Flush Technology

This modern toilet is equipped with Vortex™ flush technology. This means you will have two powerful nozzles that will always keep the bowl clean. Furthermore, this toilet has a fully skirted trap way. Trapway makes it extremely easy to clean. It doesn’t leave any scratch on the surface. Plus

Comfortable Seats

The bowl of the toilet is in good shape. It can take your weight. You can comfortably sit without any pain in your back.


  • Dimensions: 26.6-inch x 15-inch x 31-inch
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Glossy White
  • Flush Style: Side Flush
  • Installation Method: Floor Mounted


  • Very compact, sleek, and stylish looking.
  • The dual flush cleans the toilet quickly.
  • No loud thump while closing the seats.
  • High bowls give more comfort.


  • It’s quite hard to install. You’ll need a plumber.


The RV Toilet from YITAHOME comes 6th in our list of the incinerator toilet. If you are looking for a comfortable and low maintenance toilet for your RV. You have found one. This is indeed the best propane incinerator toilet for RV.

The YITAHOME RV Toilet is an ideal match for RV travel. It will give you a real household toilet feeling. You can flush and clean the bowl just by stepping on the pedal. Just a simple installation of this can bring you back to your home within a minute.

It has gravity flush features that will keep you safe from sanitary problems. This YITAHOME RV Toilet will be the safest option for your traveling and camping. You will no longer need to go to a jungle toilet to take care of your sanitary needs when you have this at your disposal.


Quick Foot Pedal

The YITAHOME RV Toilet is offering you a foot pedal. There is a pedal on the bottom of the RV toilet. All you have to do is press the pedal with your foot and it’s flushed. It’s that simple! The pedal cleans the bowl completely. It also prevents unwanted odor and leakage. Efficient and hygienic; what more could you want on your road trip?

Unique Design

When you look at this toilet, you will notice the design is a bit different. This is because it has a T-style design which is intended to make sure the flush is covering more area. This will allow it to use less water to clean the whole bowl. Excellent when you are outdoors, as the availability of the water is pretty low there.

RV Travel Friendly

When you are traveling or camping you need a safe, comfortable toilet RV is a good move. It will provide you with everything in one shelter. Plus, the material of the YITAHOME RV Toilet is top-notch. They used premium quality PP and HDPE. It makes the base strong and durable, perfect for your trips. It can take up to 551 lbs people’s weight. One more thing, You can assemble its parts anytime you want.


  • Dimensions: 15.55-inch x 19.1-inch x 19.68-inch
  • Design: T- type
  • Color: White
  • Flush Style: Foot Pedal
  • Handle: 2 Humanized Grooves
  • Weight Limit: 551 lbs.


  • Excellent for RV camping trips
  • Easy to install
  • Homelike comfort
  • Water-saving design
  • No electricity is needed


  • Unfortunately, it can leave pee stains.

9. DeerValley DV-1F026 Dual Flush Elongated Standard One Piece Toilet

Coming at number 6 is another modern-looking incinerator toilet. The DeerValley has DV-1F026 Dual Flush Elongated Standard One Piece Toilet is an excellent piece. It comes with a stylish design and comfortable seat height.

This white finish toilet bowl is easy to maintain. You will have every needed feature in the DV-1F026. If you want to give your bathroom a terrific look. The DeerVally got the exact solution for you. With the available adjustment in the flushing power, this toilet is can save you a ton of water.


Dual Flush

It has a powerful dual flush. It allows you to select two flushing modes. The 0.8 GPF is meant for efficiency while the higher 1.28gpf is needed when the job gets tougher. No loud flushing noises are made. This toilet will never clog or leak.


The Elongated one-piece toilet skirted design needs minimal maintenance. The DV-1F026 toilet is easy to clean. Your hands or tools can reach all the spots. The white glazed surface is self-cleaned.

All in One

You will get everything with this. All types of wax rings and floor bolts are included, from soft closing toilet seats to high-quality wax rings. This model includes a variety of features to meet your needs.

Easy To Install

You can install the toilet without taking any professional help. It comes with an easy manual. Besides, in case you are wondering, Installation instructions are included as well. So this can be a great DIY incinerator toilet for you for sure!


  • Dimensions: 28-inch x 14-inch x 27.26-inch
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: White
  • Flush Type: Dual Flush
  • Installation Method: Floor Mounted


  • Suitable for small space
  • Ideal for water conservation
  • Leak-proof
  • Push-button removal seats
  • Easy to install


  • Sometimes the flush button gets stuck

10. DeerValley DV-1F52813 Tiny Small Compact Dual Flush One-Piece Toilet

DeerValley’s DV-1F52813 tiny compact space saver commode is number 08 on our list. For all the folks who have smaller bathrooms, this is the sanitary solution for you. A compact bathroom vanity like this DV-1F52813 is the perfect choice for you.

The design of this toilet is minimal yet very elegant. You can get the modern look and also can save water. It will provide you with all-in-one benefits. Even though this is not the fanciest, however, this will still steal the compliments.

Water conversion system along with dual flushing system, this toilet is an excellent product. Besides, being a one-piece design ensures this will not break down that easily. Powerful yet silent ensures this will be very convenient to use, even during the nights.


Water Conservation

It provides a highly efficient flush of 0.8 gallons per flush/1.28 gallons per flush. These two buttons work for both light and heavy jobs. The toilet won’t clog or leak, so you can stay comfortable.

A Seamless Design

It has a seamless toilet design with a modern touch. Your restroom will get a perfect edition. The clean line makes it more eye appealing. It will fit your small bathrooms as well. Besides, this toilet is in one piece. As there are no separate parts, this won’t be falling apart as easily. There are also fewer gaps, so it’s easier to clean.

Space Saver

Not all of us have big horses with large washrooms. Some of our houses are tiny and therefore the bathrooms are tiny as well. But you can still have a beautiful bathroom with this toilet, no matter how small it is. Space is no longer an issue. This toilet will easily fit into your bathroom. In comparison to a standard toilet, it is shorter.

Easily Maintainable

It’s easy to clean thanks to its skirted trapway design. There’s nothing difficult about cleaning this one-piece toilet. The bowl is smooth and without any contours.


  • Dimensions – 25-inch x 13.37-inch x 28.37-inch
  • Bowl Height – 15.¾ Inches
  • Design: One Piece
  • Flush Type: Dual flush
  • Installation Method: Floor Mounted


  • Powerful flushing
  • Easy release toilet seat
  • Stainless steel durable seat hinge
  • Fit in small washrooms
  • Soft Closing Toilet Seat Design


  • The rim is a bit narrow

Incinerator Toilet Buying Guide

Displaying Best Incinerator Toilet

You can find a lot of the best incinerator toilets available in the market. However, which one you should take. Well, to make your life easier, we are going to discuss a few factors that you should keep in mind while getting one. Let’s get into the details.


Before getting a toilet for yourself, check the size of your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom, getting a large toilet can take your whole space. On the other hand, if you have a larger bathroom, you can get something with more facilities. It basically depends on the level of space you have and can accommodate.

Apart from this, if you are traveling, then you need to be more specific about what size you want to carry. In this case, the compactness of the toilet should be your biggest concern. There are different types of toilets that are collapsable, and detachable. These are extremely lightweight and take a very small space when taken apart.


Whichever toilet you get must be qualities. They should be made from high-quality materials and must sustain heavy usage. Besides, go for toilets which are easy to clean. Nobody likes toilets which are stained and dirty.

Apart from the materials, check how strong the toilets are. A good toilet will be very durable and can survive for a long time, years after years. Besides the bowl, the toilet cover should also be robust. In most cases, the covers are made from soft materials, mostly plastic. Check the plastic is of good quality or not.


It is not necessary to use water in an incinerator toilet, because the waste will be burned. Ensure that the operation is carried out correctly. For this, you need to check whether your waster has been turned into ashes or not. An ideal incinerator toilet leaves around one teacup quantity of ashes after 4 toilet visits. The quality is very small. There are toilets that have a very high capacity, so getting those can save you from quite a lot of hassle. 

Additionally, you need to check whether the toilet is leaking water, or there is an odor. Leaking toilets can be a nightmare. They can make your house is complete garbage. Besides a smelly toilet is also make you very uncomfortable. It has happened to all of us at some point when our waste smelled like it could kill someone. Picture yourself living in that situation. No way!


A toilet has a unit where it will contain your waster and burn. Several toilets come in several capacities. Getting a bigger capacity is always a good idea. Go for something big. Don’t fool yourself by getting a smaller one as they will fill up very fast and you need to clear more than usual.


Weights can be a huge problem if you are going outdoors. You surely don’t want to carry a 50 pounds toilet with you, do you? While traveling, look for toilets which are within the range of 10-20 pounds. However, for home usage, weight is not a big concern.

Mounting Style

A toilet can be mounted in different ways. Some are wall-mounted and some are floor. Check which one you prefer and get the right one accordingly. Also, there are some which don’t need mounting. They are perfect for outdoor activities.


The most important factor is the cost. Don’t buy something that you don’t need just by seeing some cool gimmicks. That can cost a lot of money which is definitely unnecessary. Consider your budgets and get one accordingly.

There are toilets which can go up to $2000, whereas there are some which only cost around $500-$600. Which one you will get should align perfectly with your budget. Besides, make sure you get a good one as these will probably won’t break down easily. That means very less maintenance cost and repair cost.

FAQ’s: Incinerator Toilet

1. Are incinerator toilets good?

Yes, incinerator toilets are good. They can totally incinerate your waste and turn them into ashes. A good incinerator toilet can turn 4 persons dump into one cup of ash which is very impressive.

Apart from this, incinerator toilets are eco-friendly as they use electricity and don’t require water. Also, incinerator toilets are excellent for traveling as they can be quite compact and light. You can take it to anywhere, even places where water is not around, and just do your business.

2. How much does it cost to run an incinerating toilet?

Incinerator toilets are very cost-effective. They use electricity to burn the waste. For each session, an incinerator toilet will use 1.5 to 2 kWh of electricity which is very minimum. The total cost can actually vary depending on where you live and how much is the electricity cost. Yet very economically friendly. Besides, considering the fact that this toilet is not using any water and leaving any waste is very impressive.

3. What is a Cinderella toilet?

A toilet that is driven by propane and doesn’t require water is called a Cinderalla toilet. This toilet will burn all your waste into ashes at a high temperature. Such type of toilet was invented from those areas where the availability of water is scarce. In most cases, for travelers. You won’t need a water connection or sewage connection for this toilet which means no extra cost for installing the cinderella incinerating toilet.

4. How do I clean my toilet incinerator?

To remove your incinerator, firstly you should always empty your ashpan. The more ash you will store there the more like it will smell bad and shorten the lifespan of your toilet. Always wipe the spills of the urine if there happens to be any. Twice a year, clean the wheel of the blower and the inside. Avoid steam cleaning.

5. What are the disadvantages of incinerators?

There are a few disadvantages to incinerators one of which is the cost. The installation of this toilet can be very expensive. Apart from that, it creates smoke during the operation which can pollute nature. Also, the ash it leaves can be a problem for many. Another concerning fact is that this process is hampering the circulating strategy. This is reducing waste but not recycling them.


No home is complete without a toilet, let that be a small tiny one. You just need one where you can just let yourself go. Having a good toilet system can turn up your whole day, a bad one with doing the opposite.

Therefore, investing in a good option is always recommended. With modern advances, toilets are now available in different styles. Hence, you can find quite a lot of excellent incinerator toilets available in the market.

To make your life much easier, we tried to cover 10 of the best incinerator toilets which we think are the best. Getting any of this can literally change your toilet experience. However, make sure whichever one you are getting is aligned with your needs.

For example, if you travel a lot, get the Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet. Also, if you have a big bathroom, investing in the Convenient Height Toilet Extra-Tall 20-21 Inch Bowl will be a genius idea. Getting incinerator toilets is a great investment as they don’t require water. They also require very low maintenance. So, without wasting time, check the listed items are get the one that suits you the most.

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