Top 8 Best Flooring For Wet Basement A Complete How-to Guide

Choosing the best flooring for wet basement can be overwhelming and confusing. First, basement flooring choices are vast ranging from carpet to concrete floors and everything in between. Second, you’ve got to choose between waterproof and not waterproof flooring. Third, you’ve got to decide where the moisture is getting in and take that into consideration when making your decision.

Here, I’ve asked contractor, John Bridges to share his advice and insights into how homeowners can best protect their basement from getting wet through regular use of a home floor covering. This special type of coverage helps keep moisture away from your basement by sealing off gaps or holes in the floor. It’s great for areas where normal water could seep in on a regular basis and can be found at some big box stores as well as online. I’ve put together some flooring options below.

Our Editor’s Choice

Best Flooring For Wet Basement Reviews

1. Home Aesthetics Thick Interlocking Flooring Basement Trade Show

100 Sq. Ft 3/8 Inch Thick Printed Foam Tiles Interlocking Foam Mat, Sea Haze Grey Wood Grain Style Print, (24'x24', 25 pcs), Protective Flooring for Home Office Playroom Basement Trade Show
ColorSea Haze Grey
BrandHome Aesthetics
Special FeatureDurable
Item Dimensions LxWxH120 x 120 x 0.4 inches

Home Aesthetics’s thick interlocking flooring is an elegant wood grain pattern designed to easily fit any room decor. The 100 square feet size is perfect for trade shows and other indoor events that require floor protection, but still have a professional look and feel to them.

Whether you’re putting down a durable playroom floor for your kids or setting up a trade show booth, this unique product is easy to install, durable, and easy to clean. Each tile measures 24″ X 24″ X 3/8″ (total of 25 pieces) and they interlock with a simple jigsaw puzzle connection for a secure and seamless look.

This product comes with 2 border pieces for edging so you can easily border off an area if need be. Can be easily set up or removed for storage in minutes – whether you are using them indoors or outdoors! BPA Free, Phthalates Free.

Water-resistant and noise-resistant, easy to clean. One year warranty: Covers rips, and tears caused by normal indoor use (damages caused by pet nails or sharp objects are not covered by warranty).

Installation and storage are simple

Installation and disassembly are made simple by the interlocking puzzle parts. In any room, the puzzle piece design allows for customization.

Resistant to Water and Noise

Water-resistant foam provides a layer of comfort that is easy to clean and noise-resistant. These tiles may transform the aesthetic of a kitchen for a fraction of the cost while making cleanup a breeze.


Ideal for usage in garages, bedrooms, kitchens, children’s playrooms, and trade displays, amongst other places of residence. It can be used at home or at trade events because of its size of 100 square feet.

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2. Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish (Set of 10), Long 9 Slat
BrandBare Decor
Size10 sq ft
Installation MethodClick
Item Weight2 Pounds
Unit Count10.0 Sq Ft
Coverage10.00 Square Feet

The Bare Decor EZ-Floors interlocking wood tiles are the perfect solution to stylish, durable, and easy to clean floors. They are made of responsibly harvested teak wood on a plastic base.

They can be used indoors or outdoors in any setting, including entryways, mudrooms, and even showers. These tiles can be removed and relocated if needed, making them ideal for cabins or other seasonal homes where little wear happens when it’s not in use.

Each box covers 10sq feet of surface area. The solid hardwood can be sanded out if scratched with no damage to the base.

Oiled Finish And Are Earth Friendly

EZ-Floor interlocking flooring tiles come in an oiled finish and are earth friendly. No glue or tools are required – just snap the interlocking tiles together. Can be used for indoor or outdoor settings.

Perfect for an entryway, mudroom, deck, terrace, showers, bathrooms, pools, or anywhere in between. Solid hardwood – scratches can be sanded out.

Floating installation – tiles can be removed and relocated if needed. Each tile is 9 solid pieces of solid teak wood on a plastic base. The teak is responsibly harvested in Indonesia.

It’s regularly inspected and every shipment receives Indonesian government clearance for compliance with responsible teak harvesting.

High Impact Resistant

Bare Decor’s Interlocking Floor Tiles are great for all indoor and outdoor applications, including basements and garages, sunrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

These tiles snap together to form a seamless flooring surface that is easy to install and will not damage the sub-floor.

This tile features a high impact resistance that makes it ideal for homes with pets or children who might be prone to banging around furniture on the flooring surface.

Easy to Install

The Bare Decor EZ floor is the perfect addition to your patio, deck, or indoor kitchen. Featuring interlocking tiles that are easy to install, this floor is great for any environment.

The tiles are made from durable PVC plastic and can withstand any type of weather condition.

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3. Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring Gym Mats

innhom Gym Flooring Gym Mats Exercise Mat for Floor Workout Mat Foam Floor Tiles for Home Gym Equipment Garage, 24 Pieces Black
Color24 Black
MaterialEthylene Vinyl Acetate
Product Care InstructionsDamp Cloth, Mild Soap

The Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring Puzzle Mats are made of high-density EVA foam that is durable and long lasting, yet soft enough to provide a comfortable cushion beneath you as you exercise.

Well made with top quality materials, the durable puzzle floor mats are firm and stable enough for professional gymnastic use or any other fitness activity.

Puzzle tiles cover up to 93 square feet (approx. 8.6 square meters) of floor space, making it a perfect workout and training accessory for all your fitness needs.

Multiple Uses and a Long-Lasting Cushion

Each of the 0.4-inch thick foam floor mats is robust while also giving a comfortable space. Each gym flooring mat is designed specifically to guard against rough and hard surfaces.

It’s perfect for dampening vibrations, reducing equipment noise, and protecting your floor beneath heavy workout machines. Ideal for home use, gyms, workshops, garages, basements, workout rooms, and even children’s play spaces.

Surface is non-slip

One side of the mat has a non-slip pattern, while the other side has a flat surface. The flat side is facing the ground.

Waterproof and simple to maintain

Waterproof Use a moist cloth or mild soap to clean interlocking foam mats. The foam floor tiles are changeable in size, so you may use less for smaller areas or buy more to increase your training area.

For a bespoke size, the puzzle piece mat can be cut to fit. It will fit practically anywhere, whether it is a single piece or many pieces.

Easy to assemble

It’s simple to put together, and the jigsaw gym mats lock together snugly so they don’t fall apart when you use them.

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4. Sorbus Interlocking Wood Grain Floor Mats

Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats Foam Interlocking Mats Tile 3/8-Inch Thick Flooring Wood Mat Tiles Borders - Home Office Playroom Basement Trade Show (12 Tiles, 48 Sq ft, Mahogany)
ColorWood Grain – Mahogany
MaterialFoam, Plastic
Special FeatureCushioned, Waterproof, Durable

Turn any cold, hard floor into a comfortable, soft surface with the Sorbus Interlocking Floor Mat. This mat features 12 wood grain foam tiles that soften your space with the look of classic faux wood flooring.

The unique design of this mat not only protects from floor damage but reduces strain on your feet while standing. It’s a great option for kids, senior living, or anyone seeking cushioned padding with the realistic look of hardwood floors.

For more color and size options, shop the Sorbus Interlocking Floor Tile Collection.


A classic imitation wood finish provides comfort and cushion to hard floor surfaces. 6-floor mat wood grain tiles are included to enhance the comfort and look of your room.


Mats fit together like a jigsaw puzzle for a secure, uninterrupted look. Any tile can be used as a corner, border, or center thanks to detachable edge pieces. If the size of your home or workplace changes, you can simply add more wood flooring tiles to make more room. Dotted or swathed throughout the entire surface To cover a bigger region, combine many sets.


Complements any room’s decor with a wood- or foam-tiles-inspired pattern. Interlocking exercise mats, yoga/meditation rooms, dorms, laundry rooms, and under camping tents and sleeping bags are just a few of the many uses for these foam floor tiles and multi-purpose floor mats. Trade exhibitions, conventions, offices, gyms, daycares, and more can benefit from our anti-fatigue mat.


Foam squares are a great way to add comfort to hard indoor floors. Foam provides a long-lasting, soft floor cushioning alternative. For hours of standing, you’ll be able to stand comfortably. An injury is better prevented by using a thick cushion. Cushioned foam tiles can be used in children’s playrooms, senior care facilities, or any other area where comfort and safety are important.


No glue is required for self-installation. Just a few minutes is all it takes to install interlocking wood tile flooring mats. The printed Film is made of OPP plastic, and the Mat is made of 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Portable and light in weight. A shoe that can stand up to regular use on the street. Non-absorbent and water-resistant. Easy to keep clean. Approximately 24″L x 24″W in size, each tile (Entire Unit Covers 48 Sq ft)

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5. American Floor Mats

American Floor Mats 3/8in (9mm) Thick 20% Grey 4' x 6' Hi-Color Rubber Rolls (20%), Protective Exercise Mats, Home Gym Rubber Flooring
Color20% Grey
BrandAmerican Floor Mats
Thickness0.35 Inches

These American floor mats roll out and lie flat without curling, making them a perfect companion for your fitness facilities. A variety of colors are available to suit teams or brand gyms and can be installed under workout equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight-lifting machines.

With slightly textured non-slip surfaces and 100% vulcanized rubber that is 20% high intensity colors, they are an efficient and durable solution for use across your entire gym flooring.

Durable And Easy to Install

Durable and easy to install, our rubber floor mats are available in a variety of sizes for any home gym. The high-intensity colors will match your team or brand color scheme. An impressive 20% colorful surface provides resistance to scuffing and scratching, while a non-slip texture provides a safer workout environment on soft rubber surfaces.

High Performance Floor Mats

Hardworking, high performance floor mats offer a safe and durable surface for any gym. They’re made with 100% vulcanized rubber that won’t curl or delaminate over time and are highly textured to help prevent slips and falls.

Rubber Flooring for Gyms

The best way to protect your gym floor is with commercial grade American floor mats. They can help prevent accidents caused by tripping overweights, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment.

The rubber material makes it easy to roll out and roll up these mats. Versatile in design, they can be used as both practice area surfaces and protection for home gyms or studio floors.

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6. IncStores Premium Soft Wood Print Foam Flooring Tiles

IncStores Premium Soft Wood Print Foam Flooring Tiles | Interlocking Foam Tiles for Home, Gym, Training and Yoga | 3/8' - Textured Maple, 72 Square Feet

INCStores Premium Soft Wood Print Foam Flooring Tiles let you build a space that looks as good as it feels. With 3/8″ of closed cell EVA foam rubber to offer loads of grip, these top-quality flooring tiles are activity appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

Feel the difference with our printed fitness mat tiles, which offer impressive shock absorption in sports, cheer, dance, and martial arts without feeling the hard floor beneath.

8 Bold Colors & Textures

Our interlocking wood foam flooring, which comes in a range of colors and textures, is a great way to get the look you want in your basement, at a trade fair, or in your living room.

Foam Of The Highest Quality

Our softwood foam tiles are made of closed-cell EVA foam mats with a high density.

The Most Popular Foam Flooring Alternative

Our interlocking wood foam tiles are also easy to clean and come with two removable edge pieces (which vary per product) that make it simple to create a solid flooring surface.

Fit For Hard Workout

Our Premium Soft Wood interlocking foam floor tiles can handle any indoor workout. These extra big floor mats are unaffected by wrestling, BJJ, or gymnastics, so you may jump, crash, roll, and play with confidence.

Design Your Dream Fitness Center

2’x2′ foam floor mats, robust enough for takedowns yet soft enough to nap on, plus endless room-filling capabilities and 8 magnificent wood grain patterns to choose from, push the boundaries of your individual exercise environment.

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7. Forest Floor 5/8 Inch Thick Printed Foam Tiles

Forest Floor 5/8 Inch Thick Printed Foam Tiles, Premium Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats, Anti-Fatigue Flooring, Slate, 48 Sq Ft
BrandForest Floor
Special FeatureCushioned, Durable
Item Dimensions LxWxH24 x 24 x 0.63 inches

Forest flooring foam tiles are a stylish solution for padded flooring, whether you’re redesigning your home, need a cost-effective flooring solution for your basement or garage, or want transportable floor mats for tradeshow booths.

Our printed foam tiles are engineered to solve your needs. When placed on any hard surface, these interlocking printed foam tiles add comfort, warmth, and style to any space, while insulating your floors against temperature fluctuations.

In Seconds, Padded Flooring

Each tile comes with two pre-attached removable borders, making assembly quick and easy. Woodgrain EVA foam mats can manage most minor spills and are simple to clean after a frantic playdate or a strenuous workout.

Made for Parents by Parents

Our company began as a search for safe and economical flooring for two small children by a mother and father. We now sell a lot more: style, comfort, and security.

Excellent for Trade Shows and Other Events

Forest Floor foam mats blend nicely with any hard surface, giving home gyms, playrooms, and trade exhibitions a completed look. Choose from hundreds of options—our tiles are available in a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses so you can personalize your space.

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8. Greatmats Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles

Greatmats Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles, Interlocking 2x2 Ft x .5 Inch 25 Pack (Standard)
Special FeatureLightweight, Waterproof, Reversible, Durable

Greatmats Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles are made from the highest quality EVA foam for a soft and comfortable barefoot walking surface. The tiles are lightweight, easily portable, and available in an array of sizes to fit any space or project.

Each tile has a wood-grain pattern on one side and solid tan on the other so they are reversible, creating an elegant look while providing durability over time. This product is ideal for use at home on balconies, patios, and garages because it can be custom cut at home with no wasted material.

Used For Variety

Greatmats Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of settings from workspaces to playrooms, bedrooms to laundry rooms, and more. The 18 tiles provide ample space for a variety of activities, including working out with bodyweight exercises, yoga, stretching, and even playing children’s games.

Softest And Most Durable

Greatmats Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles is the safest, softest, and most durable rubber gym flooring available in the world. This flooring can withstand over 800 pounds per square foot, making it ideal for a variety of uses including personal training studios, physical therapy, rehab clinics, home gyms, and more. It is also great for kids’ playrooms or anywhere else you want to add some character to your surroundings.

Easy to Clean, Easy to Install

You can install these natural wood-look floor tiles yourself on a weekend. Each tile is reversible and can be laid in a variety of patterns for the ultimate design freedom. These waterproof foam floor tiles are easy to clean, and easy to install – even if you’re not a professional! Available in six different sizes, you can always find the perfect fit for your room.

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The issue of water damage in basements

Basement flooring options such as hardwood and fiberboard are generally discouraged since they absorb moisture, expand, warp, and decay. Mold and mildew thrive in these areas, posing a health concern to your family and perhaps causing structural damage to your home. Flooding or continuous dampness will necessitate the replacement of organic flooring.

Even though a floor covering is water-resistant, that doesn’t guarantee that it is the ideal choice for a wet basement. Basement flooring that is waterproof may not be affected by water or dampness, but improper installation might result in water collecting beneath the floor and causing damage. In the same way that wood and carpeting can cause mold and mildew problems, this can as well.

Solutions for Wet Basement Floors.

When dealing with basement moisture, you can use a variety of techniques including landscaping, vapor barriers, and elevated floor tiles. The problem of evaporating water vapor can be mitigated to some extent by using adequate landscaping to divert rainwater away from your home. A sump pump may be required in extreme situations, such as floods. In most cases, vapor barriers entail applying paint or glue to the concrete surfaces to be sealed. Vapor barrier floor tiles are a more convenient option than big sheets of felt or plastic.

Why Use Raised Flooring in a Basement with Wetness?

By creating a buffer between your floor and the concrete, raised basement flooring tiles with a vapor barrier prevent moisture from becoming trapped. As the air circulates under the floor, the moisture dissipates, preventing you from having to remove your flooring every time it becomes saturated with water. Who has the time on a regular basis to check for accumulated moisture?

Using specially constructed flooring tiles is a quick and easy solution to create a raised floor. Vapor-proof plastic bases with holes or channels are common in these types of free-floating, interlocking basement floor tiles. Some even have a perforated top to allow air to circulate both horizontally and vertically through the device itself. Installation, removal, and re-installation of raised waterproof basement flooring tiles with built-in vapor barriers are all made easier by interlocking systems. Basement raised floor tiles can be used to transform a wet space into a home gym, family room, or children’s play area.

What basement flooring options and materials are the best?

Vinyl flooring is the most suitable for basements. Vinyl plank and tile flooring can look almost comparable to hardwood and stone floors while still being waterproof. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and constructed of PVC. Another advantage of vinyl basement flooring is its longevity, which, unlike wood, is due to the fact that it is constructed of inorganic components. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas! Vinyl planks can be put directly on your subfloor, making the process considerably faster and simpler.

Vinyl flooring has a similar look and feels to linoleum, which is a widespread misperception. Vinyl flooring has significantly advanced in terms of design and construction in recent years. Many new colors, designs, and options have become available, making it simple to discover your ideal style.

Because of the waterproof features of vinyl plank and vinyl tile, we use them in our basements. Giving our customers the assurance that their floors will not be ruined by water is a huge benefit! Vinyl plank is also a floating floor, which means it isn’t attached to the sub-floor and can be removed and changed more readily if necessary.

Top Vinyl Flooring Advantages:

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • A wide range of colors and styles are available.
  • Sizes of Planks and Tiles

Hardwood & Laminate Flooring for Basements

The less wood, the better, when it comes to basement floors and basements in general. Wood does not fare well in basements because of the high levels of humidity and the likelihood of flooding. When installed in a basement, wood-based flooring will warp and twist. Even if your basement isn’t flooded, moisture will seep through the foundation and condense beneath the flooring, causing the wood to deteriorate. Installing and refinishing hardwood floors may be a time-consuming and expensive project for homeowners.

Basement Flooring Materials: Pros and Cons

Your Basement Should Have Carpet

Carpet is another popular choice for completed basements. Although it lacks the waterproof and mold-resistant properties of vinyl, it provides a warmer, cozier feel. Carpeting is frequently used in the main living area, the stairway, and the bedrooms to keep them warm and comfortable to the touch. If a tiny amount of water is spilled on the carpet, it can usually be preserved if it is dried immediately before mold or mildew grows. Carpeting can often be picked up and dried.

Carpet can also be a more cost-effective solution for the basement. With so many varieties and styles to choose from, there is a carpet style to fit any budget.


  • Feeling of coziness
  • Can help to create a more peaceful environment.
  • Provides excellent cushioning for a hard cellar floor.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • If kept wet, it can mold.
  • If poured on, it stains easily.

Basements can benefit from epoxy flooring.

Basement epoxy flooring is becoming more fashionable than it once was. If you are looking for a distinctive design option that is also easy to maintain, then this is the product for you. Epoxy flooring in basements has the same drawback as ceramic tile in terms of temperature: Epoxy flooring is extremely chilly and hard to walk on. Depending on what you want to do in the basement, a more cushioned floor may be more appropriate. If you’re looking to give your basement a more industrial feel, consider epoxy flooring.


  • Resistant to water
  • Durable
  • For a long time


  • Frosty on the skin

Basement Floors with Ceramic Tile

Despite its limitations, ceramic tile is a feasible basement flooring alternative. Glazed tiles are ideal for both water and stain resistance because they are impermeable. Also, ceramic tile is available in a wide range of sizes and forms for a wide range of interior designs. Temperature and expense are two major drawbacks of using ceramic tile in a basement. To keep basements cool, ceramic tile is glued directly to the foundation. Compared to other types of flooring, ceramic tile requires a significant investment in terms of both money and time. Vinyl plank flooring is frequently chosen for the majority of the basement, with ceramic tile used in the bar or bathroom exclusively.


  • Customized high-end look and feel
  • Resistant to water


  • Expensive


We are pleased to help you find the flooring for your new wet basement. All things considered, each of the choices presented here has its merits. Be sure to do more research on what will work best for your situation. With any of these, you’re sure to be pleased with the way that your wet basement looks when it is done.

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