How To Clean Samsung Washing Machine Filter Top Loader

How To Clean Samsung Washing Machine Filter Top Loader

How to keep your washer clean by cleaning the filter often. Both filters prevent debris from entering the washer, so understanding how to open and clean the Samsung washer is important. The affected area should be cleaned and dried immediately to remove any residuals. There is no pump filter on top-loading washers. There is no … Read more

Top 8 Best Flooring For Wet Basement A Complete How-to Guide

Best Flooring For Wet Basement

Choosing the best flooring for wet basement can be overwhelming and confusing. First, basement flooring choices are vast ranging from carpet to concrete floors and everything in between. Second, you’ve got to choose between waterproof and not waterproof flooring. Third, you’ve got to decide where the moisture is getting in and take that into consideration … Read more

How to Remove Shower Drain Flange: 7 Easy Steps

How to Remove Shower Drain Flange

There is a proverb that says a hygiene toilet and a clean kitchen can hold your personality. We are always determined about our kitchen, but some of us may not be conscious about our toilet.  Sometimes the drain of your toilet is worn out or previously damaged. And you might see signs of mold or … Read more

How to Clean Bidet Sprayer: 3 Easy Methods

How to Clean Bidet Sprayer

I have also seen many bidets attached toilets, where users are using the bidet sprayer regularly, but they are not quite maintaining or cleaning the bidet. Bidet makes your butt wiping process much easier, so you also need to maintain and clean the bidet from time to time so that you get hygienic cleaning performance … Read more